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Best SAP HCM SFexpertshub online training with Certification


Why do you need to join our institute for SFexpertshub course?

Our key strength is our Trainer- “Mr. Madhav”, who teaches the subject in-depth with real-time (live) business scenarios. Our trainer is a highly qualified professional having 17+ years of experience in SAP which includes 4+ years of experience in SFexpertshub. He has completed many end to end global implementation assignments on SFexpertshub.

50-60 hours of high quality training by senior solution architect is provided by our institute whereas other institutes and trainers provide user level basic overview on SFexpertshub and complete all the modules in just 25-30 hours. We provide training with real time business scenarios on each topic. Up on completion of the course with us, anybody can work on to implement SFexpertshub as an individual contributor in an organization. That is the confidence level which our students get upon the completion of the course.

We provide the training that also covers points useful for “Certification”. Anybody can clear the certification exam with “100% Pass Guarantee” if they follow the instructions of the trainer and practice what is taught at least once.

We provide system access post completion of the course also for additional one month but none of the other institutes provide the instance access after completion of the course.

We are the only training center in entire world who also covers “Dell Boomi Integration” knowledge which is needed for a SFexpertshub consultant. We bet, that no other institute would provide this.

We are the only institute providing UI part of EC payroll but no one else is providing this.

Provisioning system would be accessed remotely with supervision of our faculty. All the XML or data model files are uploaded in provisioning system and the trainees can see their changes in the instance. None of the other institute or trainer will provide this kind of support.

We are the only institute who provides the PM GM training along with Calibration, 360 Reviews and CPM (Continuous Performance Management) with multiple business scenarios of the real time project. None of the other institutes provide this Calibration, 360 reviews and CPM which is an important topic in certification in PM-GM.

We are the only institute who provides the “Real time Implementation Project” iteration wise, share the roles and responsibilities of an SF consultant because we strongly believe that success comes only when the trainee has subject as well as real time knowledge.

Finally, we can say one thing, we must always remember one thing when we learn – Whenever we learn anything, that we should learn from a leader/expert/master in that area. Our trainer delivers high quality of subject with passion and he has “Trained over 800+ trainees” across the world so far from the past three years.

eMpoweR” brings you an online course, especially designed and created to make you an expert through SAP SFexpertshub online training. This course is basically intended to provide a in-depth knowledge and learning skills required for a SAP SFexpertshub trainee. A thorough understanding of the basic concepts, along with the online training on complete Cloud HR solutions is given via this course.

Change” is the only thing which is constant in this world in every aspect of life. In this technology driven world we should always be adapting ourselves to new technologies because in order to sustain in this competitive market we should be at par with the new technologies.

All the industries in the world are migrating to “Cloud” solution from their traditional on-premise systems. The motivational factor behind this is huge cost cutting. With less investment customers are able to manage their business more effectively and efficiently through cloud services.

Even SAP, the Global leader of ERP also had no choice other than switching to “Cloud” era. As SAP acquired SFexpertshub, all existing SAP-HR customers are also migrating to SFexpertshub Cloud HCM.

The technology or tool which you opt to learn should be in a way that when you appear for an interview in that technology that organization should be left with no other option other than hiring you. This is only possible when the course opted by you in new in the market and the training availability of that course is very less in the market.

SFexpertshub is the only Cloud technology that is the ruling the market now.

As per the statistical data of SFexpertshub, every month 500+ new companies are taking the license of SFexpertshub and 50+ existing SAP HR customers are migrating to SFexpertshub. This shows how highly demanded and how powerful is this tool in the current market.


Do I need to be a SAP HR consultant to learn SF?

– No, Experience on any of the ERP packages is not needed to learn this course. People belonging to any domain or any industry can learn this course. Even fresh graduates can also learn this course.

Do I need to learn XML language before taking this course?

No, it is not required. We will only modify the existing XML files by referring to the DTDs so it does not have any complexity. Our trainer is a highly proficient and experienced in Cloud implementation. With his expertise he will explain the concepts in a simple way so that it can be grasped by a below average student also.

Is Class room training available?

– Currently class room training is not available. Only online training is available.

Is Certification mandatory to get a job?

– As per the SFexpertshub guidelines (Success Connect 2013) certification is not mandatory for a SFexpertshub consultant to work on a project. However, in this competitive world if a certification is added to the profile it would be an added advantage to you.

Do you provide proxy support?

– Yes, proxy support is provided.

Do I need to take the training exclusively?

Yes, self-learning will give an overview on SFexpertshub but does not provide any clarity on business processes and real time scenarios. Whereas here as our trainer is the senior most SFexpertshub Principal Consultant who handled Global for different customers across the globe, he would impart the training by taking multiple business scenarios to make a student understand the subject in detail.

Who all can take this course?

  • SAP-HR, SAP-ABAP [HR],PeopleSoft, WorkDay Consultants
  • HR Domain experienced professionals, Recruiters, HR graduates
  • SAP/Siebel/PeopleSoft/Sales Force etc., [ERP/CRM/BPM] consultants
  • Developers / Programmers / Middleware tool consultants
  • Test engineers / Test leads, Reporting Analysts from any technology
  • MBA, BBA, MCA, M.Sc, B.Tech, B.E Fresher / Experienced people
  • Entry-level Software professionals (From any background)

“Empower Invites all the interested candidates, who want to get trained in SAP SFexpertshub. Here, we teach you with an industry focused training curriculum, our SAP SFexpertshub  online training course will let you understand all the  basics and the key concepts of SFexpertshub. We make sure that our trainees get the best of module, which will in turn help them in their career perspective. Empower being a hard core online training organization takes the full responsibility in giving resourceful online SFexpertshub training that will be worth your investment and time”


We have the following courses and the mode of training is online:

Course 1 - EC (Employee Central - Core EC + MDF + Time Off + Time Sheets + Benefits + Payroll)
Course 2 - PMGM (Performance Management & Goal Management) and Compensation
Course 3 - RCM (Recruitment Management) and ONB (Onboarding)
Course 4 - LMS (Learning Management Systems) and WFA (Workforce Analytics)

Are you looking for SAP SFexpertshub Certification without taking any training?

We provide a simplest way to clear your certification where you do not have to take any trouble or tension of not clearing exam. You need not invest on training nor certification dumps. You need not practice as well. Directly we will get the certification done for you. We will take the entire pain and provide you with the certification you are looking for….

For any further queries, please contact us at sfonlinetrainer@gmail.com

We are reachable @7075234891. This number is also on WhatsApp.

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Are you looking for SAP SFexpertshub Instance Access?

We provide SFexpertshub instance with complete access which enables you to configure all the modules. You will be provided with individual login id so you can practice all the scenarios on your username. To know further details you can have a look at the video below.

For any further queries, please contact us at sfonlinetrainer@gmail.com

We are reachable @7075234891. This number is also on WhatsApp.

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Madhav is an experienced Senior Solution Architect and widely-recognized expert in SuccessFactors and SAP ERP HCM. Certified in various modules of Successfactors like Employee Central, PMGM, Compensation Management and Recruiting, Onboarding and LMS. Has worked on multiple Global implementations for multiple clients in various modules of Successfactors. Has extensive experience with SAP ASAP methodology, Agile methodology and SF SAP Launch (previously BizX) implementation methodology. Specialties:
  • 7 Full Life-Cycle Successfactors Implementations and 9 Full Life-Cycle SAP HCM Implementations
  • 4+ Years of Successfactors Consulting Experience and 13+ Years of SAP HCM Consulting Experience
  • Expert in SuccessFactors Employee Central, PMGM, Compensation Management and Recruiting, Onboarding and LMS
  • Expert in the Workforce Analytics and Dashboards.
  • SuccessFactors Employee Central Professional Level Certification
  • SuccessFactors PM/GM & Compensation Professional Level Certification
  • SuccessFactors Recruitment Associate Certification.
  • SuccessFactors Onboarding Associate Certification.
  • SuccessFactors LMS Associate Certification.
  • SAP HCM Associate Certification and ASAP Certification
  • Expertise with Enhancement Packages (EHP1 to EHP7) and Feature Packs
  • Has an excellent teaching experience. Trained over 800+ professionals in SF from past three years.
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This is a good environment to learn the subject. Empower has a good ability, offers flexible timings of training. All that I learned during my course helped me to face many challenges in my career.


This course helped me a lot and helps to build my career. It was an excellent experience with Empower.

Shah Ahmed

Trainers are very experienced and knowledgeable about the subject. Explained all doubts and questions very clearly with real time examples. Good & Perfect institute.

Colin McDermott

This course encouraged me to continue to study & focus my career goals. Thanks to the team Empower. I definitely recommend people interested in Successfactors.

Herry Boda

Besides the fact that I was really satisfied, my learning experience was also amusing! The participation of students is greatly encouraged, and also amazing support. Strongly recommended

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